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About Megan

I love rehabbing old homes to restore their unique charm. In efforts to help with the housing crisis in the state, I am committed to providing clean, safe homes for local Vermonters and supporting the economy in the state by working within local regulations to provide short term housing for tourists. I am passionate about creating comfortable spaces for short-term and long-term occupants. I also provide jobs to Vermont laborers and source materials locally. I moved to Vermont in 2016 and for the past 2 years, I've been investing in real estate. Lucky for me, VT is loaded with charming old towns, where I can own a piece of history. I am involved in joint ventures with other investors to provide micro funding for real estate deals. My REI goals are to invest in more Single and Multifamily real estate throughout VT and New England. I want to grow my portfolio while building generational wealth, but most importantly I look forward to building relationships, which at the heart of everything I do. 


I am a mother of 2 active boys and am an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy skiing, hiking, mountain biking, exploring the outdoors and visiting all the gems Vermont has to offer with them.

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